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You can speak Portuguese fluently in a very short time!

What do you need to accomplish that?


Have at your disposal a complete and organized method, with structured classes, so you don’t have to look for content to study and you can spare time and learn faster.


Have native teachers guiding you through the learning process, who will check on you from time to time, to see your progress and to help you to overcome difficulties.


Find people to practice conversation with and do exercises to fix in your mind what you learn.


Set your intention and motivation. You need to know clearly why you want to learn Portuguese and why it is important to you!


Be aware that your dedication is what will make you evolve towards fluency. Becoming fluent in a language is not something that happens like magic, you need to work to get there!

Sometimes you find good methods online, but you have to do everything by yourself, without a teacher to answer your questions or to keep you motivated, or without real people to practice Portuguese with, so after a while you give up.

In our school, our students become partners (and sometimes friends) and the teachers are always around checking on them and following their progress closely.

You never feel alone in this journey, but you also have your independence to make your own study routine!

Yes Portuguese Full course brings a complete, very organized and structured method; native speaker teachers willing to help you to learn how to speak the real Portuguese spoken in Brazil and a family of #yeppers who will share the learning journey with you!

What you find in our course

A complete course

From A1 to C2

+300 video lessons

Divided in 24 modules of 14 lessons each

Audios to download

We work with dialogues and audios to improve your understanding

Study book to download

All the lessons in one single pdf file to guide you through each module

Exercises to practice

Every lesson brings exercises and you can practice what you’ve learned with them

Grammar explanation

Learn how to use the language structures in real life

2 years of granted access

During two years, you have access to all we provide in this course.

Support 24/7

You can contact both the teachers and the support whenever you need throughout our many communication channels.


2 weekly group conversation classes

Meet the other students and one of the teachers every week to speak Portuguese and improve your speaking skills

12 one to one lessons

Schedule one private lesson every month with one of the teachers

An Exclusive Telegram Channel

It is an optional closed channel where only the teachers can share important information about the group and send extra materials. Everything that they send in the Telegram Channel will also be sent to your email.

An Exclusive WhatsApp Group

In this group, students are free to talk and share their experiences. It’s an opportunity to be in touch with other students, make friends and find people to practice Portuguese with. Also, it is a place where the teachers send information about the group lessons and extra materials.

15 days of guarantee

You have 15 days from the day of your first enrollment to test the course and if you decide it’s not for you, you can ask for your money back, no strings attached.


What is the Yes Portuguese Course?

The Yes Portuguese Course is a complete online course that goes from basic to advanced level, and helps you to get to fluency in a fast and efficient way.

What variety of Portuguese is covered by the Yes Portuguese Course?

We are Brazilians, therefore we teach Brazilian Portuguese. But even if you want to learn European Portuguese our course will help you, since it's the same language.

Do I have access to all the 24 modules at once?

No. Immediately, you will have access to the first 2 modules of the course. After 15 days, you will receive access until module 10 and the rest of modules will be released to you every 2 weeks.

When will I finish the course?

If you follow our suggestion above, you will be able to finish the course in one year. But you have 2 years of granted access, so if you need more time, you have it. And if you need to rush, you can finish earlier.

How can I pay?

You can pay by Credit Card. We announce the price in dollars, but in the moment of the payment, the price will be shown in your own currency.

Is the platform hard to use?

No! It’s pretty simple and user friendly. You will connect on the login page and it will take you directly to the course page, where you will see all the classes available in a menu and the main screen with the class you are currently watching.

Will the course make me fluent in Portuguese?

No! The course itself doesn’t have this power. What we promise here is the right tools that will take you to fluency, but to get there you need to be persistent and consistent and never give up!

I don’t have much time, how will I follow the course?

If you don’t have much time, this course is for you. You are the one that will organize your schedule, you decide when is the best moment for you to watch the classes and do the exercises. Our mission here is to deliver the best material and content for you and organize your path, the time is up to you. And we will be around if you need support, but never to pressure you.

How will the teachers know if I'm evolving since it's an online course?

Our students have one-on-one classes with us and group classes. This way we can check their pronunciation, oral comprehension and other skills.

Can I schedule more 1-1 lessons?

When your 12 lessons are over, you can pay for more individual lessons directly from the course platform.

How do I pay for the Yes Portuguese course?

You can pay everything at once in a single payment or you can choose a payment plan, in which you can pay it in 4 installments which will be charged monthly on your credit card.

How do I access the course?

The course has its own platform, and as soon as your enrollment is confirmed, you will receive the login to access the course. You will be able to start studying immediately. You can access the course on your computer, cell phone or tablet. It also has an app that allows you to watch the lessons offline, if you are unable.

What is the best workflow to do the course?

Since each module has 14 lessons, and 2 weeks have 14 days, we suggest you do one lesson per day, so 1 module every 2 weeks. This way you won’t feel very tired or under pressure. And if you miss a day, you won’t feel so bad, because you will still be able to catch up without becoming overwhelmed. But of course, if you need to rush, you can do more lessons per day.

Can I cancel at any time?

Not at any time. You can cancel during the first 15 days. After confirming your enrollment, you will have 15 days of guarantee. During these 15 first days you can cancel at any time and you will have your money back. But after that, you won’t be able to cancel it anymore.

Am I too old to learn Portuguese?

Never! Learning a language is not just for children or teenagers. It is for everyone! Especially with our method! Believe in yourself and start right now! We have students at every age and everyone is learning a lot because they believe they can!

Can I study on my phone or on my tablet?

Of course! You can study on any device (on your computer, tablet or cellphone). This makes you able to study from wherever you are. You can study on the bus, heading home after work, on a trip on vacation, at home. All you need is an internet connection.

I like to have colleagues to share my learning process. Will I feel alone?

Not at all. Besides having our support, at Yes Portuguese you will be added to a community of Portuguese learners: the yeppers! If you want to, you will be able to communicate with them, share thoughts, exchange advice and even make friends!

I'm not a beginner. Is this course also for me?

Sure. Because of our approach, the course will be useful for you from the very first class. As we intend to show the real Portuguese spoken in the Brazilian streets, from the beginning you will learn new information about the language pronunciation, expressions, i.e., the language really spoken here, not an artificial text from a grammar book.

After 2 years, if I’m not finished with the course, what can I do?

You can re-enroll for one more year by paying an additional fee.

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