Jumpstart your Portuguese knowledge with this short-term course totally for free.

5 classes for 5 days.
From March 11th to 15th

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The Brazilian Portuguese free course

It is a one-week course focused on teaching you pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary in Portuguese to start (or boost) your journey towards speaking Portuguese with fluency.

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The event starts in:


It is possible to speak Portuguese with fluency
in less than 1 year. And we can prove it.

Benefits you will have if you learn Portuguese.


Speaking Portuguese will help you to improve your communication with your Brazilian family, friends or even coworkers, clients and customers.


It will also allow you to live a better experience on a future trip to Brazil and to better enjoy your favorite Brazilian songs, movies or TV shows.


Besides, learning a foreign language is a gift we give to ourselves in many aspects: it’s good for our self-esteem, for our relationships and for our health!

Sign up and get notified
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Who your teachers are

Adrieli and Ludmila

Teachers Adrieli and Ludmila are both high-qualified Brazilian native teachers. They have a PhD in Linguistics and more than 10 years of experience teaching Brazilian Portuguese as a second language. At the end of 2018, they created Yes Portuguese School and launched their first class in March 2019. Today, they have more than 500 students from all parts of the planet learning Portuguese with their exclusive method.


What is the duration of this course?

The course lasts for five days, from March 11th to 15th. A new class will be released each day for you.

How many classes does the course have?

The course has 5 pre-recorded classes.

What is the schedule of the classes?

The classes will be pre-recorded, so you will be able to watch them at anytime of the day. But each class will be released on its specific day as mentioned above. You will have only one week to watch all classes, so we advise you to organize your schedule and arrange some time to watch the classes of this 5-day event.

How can I attend the classes?

By signing up to participate in this free immersive course, you will provide your email so that we can contact you and send all the information related to the course. Therefore, it will be through email that we will send the access link for each class.

Will I become fluent in Portuguese with this immersive course?

No, this is a course with a lot of content that will help you make significant progress in learning Portuguese. However, its short duration does not aim to make you fluent.

I am a beginner, can I take the course?

Definitely. We will teach you our language learning methodology so that you can start learning Portuguese the right way.

I am an advanced student, is this course suitable for me?

Of course. The course will teach you things that, even as an advanced student with a lot of knowledge, we are sure will be new to you and will help you speak the language with even more confidence.

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