An immersion in the language and culture of Brazil like you've never seen before, so you can finally gain confidence to speak real Portuguese.

From May 15th to 19th

Every day, at the time that is most convenient for your routine!

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What you need to communicate with Brazilians,

you won't find in a language learning app or a Portuguese textbook! But you will find it in the Brazilian Portuguese Immersion.

Course Program


Class 1: Introduction to Brazilian language and culture

May 15th

  • Presentation of teachers and of Yes Portuguese School
  • Brief history of the Portuguese language in Brazil
  • Main differences between Brazilian Portuguese and European Portuguese
  • Tips for dealing with Brazilian accents and idiomatic expressions

Class 2: Listening comprehension and speaking speed

May 16th

  • Practice of listening comprehension with authentic dialogues and videos
  • Strategies for dealing with the speaking speed of Brazilians
  • Pronunciation activities to improve listening and comprehension skills

Class 3: Pronunciation and intonation

May 17th

  • Detailed study of Brazilian Portuguese pronunciation
  • Pronunciation exercises 
  • Intonation, rhythm, and stress

Class 4: Idiomatic expressions and slang

May 18th

  • Presentation of commonly used idiomatic expressions and slang in Brazil
  • Discussion on the appropriate use of slang and expressions in different contexts

Class 5: Everyday situations and conversation practice

May 19th

  • Simulation of everyday situations
  • Activities to practice the language in authentic situations
  • Guidance for future studies.

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Ludmila e Adrieli

Teacher Adrieli and Ludmila are both high-qualified Brazilian native teachers. They have a PhD in Linguistics and more than 10 years of experience teaching Brazilian Portuguese as a second language. At the end of 2018, they created Yes Portuguese School and launched their first class in March 2019. Today, they have more than 500 students from all parts of the planet learning Portuguese with their exclusive method. .

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