From March 20th to 24th

Every day, at the time that is most

convenient for your routine!

You will end the week knowing how to say many sentences to communicate in Brazilian Portuguese and you will have techniques to feel confident in speaking.

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Course Program


Bottom line:

March 20st

Theoretical explanation:
the bicycle method and how it’s going to change the way you study languages and make you accelerate the journey.
Practical activity:
your first application of the 8 steps of the bicycle method

Current route:

March 21st

Theoretical explanation:
present tense of some important verbs; Vocabulary: nationalities, countries, personal characteristics, professions; Idioms and expressions..

Practical activity:
creating your first sentences in the present tense to introduce yourself and others.

Past paths:

March 22st

Theoretical explanation:
introduction to the simple past in Portuguese; Vocabulary: food, meals, drinks and time expressions.

Practical activity:
creating your first sentences in the past tense to tell something that happened in the past.

Future roads:

March 23st

Theoretical explanation:
introduction to the future tense; Vocabulary: transports, places, time expressions, sentences and expressions to use at the airport..

Practical activity:
creating your first sentences in the future tense to talk about things you are going to do.

Finish line:

March 24st

Theoretical explanation:
study structure to follow and to apply the bicycle method..

Practical activity:
joining the pre-enrollment group of class 23 of the Talk to Brazil full program.

This course includes:




You will not be fluent in Portuguese in 5 days, but you will learn the foundations of the most used verbal times and will learn how to make some phrases in the three verbal times (past, present and future).


You will not learn all the vocabulary of the Portuguese language, but teaches you a method you can keep learning and will learn even faster and more effectively, applying the steps we will teach.


It is not a complete Portuguese course, but in the end you will be able to enroll in class 23 of our full program and with a unique and special offer.

Who this course is for:

For those who are in a relationship with a Brazilian and want to be able to communicate better with the partner's family;

For those who are in a relationship with a Brazilian and want to surprise the love of their life speaking their language;

For those who are in a relationship with a Brazilian and need to improve communication with their partner;

For those who have friends from Brazil and want to understand them better and laugh at the jokes they tell on in Portuguese;

For those who train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Capoeira and want to understand better their coaches and training partners;

For those who want to travel to Brazil and want to feel safe here and confident in interacting with the natives;

For those who have Brazilian customers; For those who want to expand their business in Brazil;

For those who simply like the Portuguese language;

For those who want to learn a foreign language to keep their brain active;

For those who like Brazilian culture;

Ludmila e Adrieli

Lud and Dri are PhD teachers who developed an exclusive method to accelerate and simplify the process of language learning. They already have helped around 500 students to speak Portuguese with their full program “Talk to Brazil”.

And we can prove that. 🥰 See below.

Watch here people from all over the world speaking Portuguese after studying with our method: