From January 17th to 21st 2022!

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What are you going to learn?


Meet your teachers and learn everything you will find in this event. Find out why you need a project to learn Portuguese and how the Yes Portuguese Method is going to help you.


Learn how to develop your understanding of Brazilian native speakers and your pronunciation of Portuguese through the Yes Portuguese Method, and progress at least 3x faster than traditional methods.


Learn to use YouTube videos, movies and TV shows as efficient study tools and see how they can help you improve your understanding of the Portuguese language and your pronunciation, improving your communication skills.


Find out how written texts can help you learn grammar rules, verb tenses, prepositions and vocabulary and still help you improve your pronunciation when using them the right way.


Practice your pronunciation applying two amazing techniques - the imitation and the shadowing technique - and boost your communication skills.


Download your gift after watching the last class of the course where you will learn how to organize your study routine and will learn everything about the Yes Portuguese Full Course and the enrollment process.

The event starts in:


Speaking Portuguese Project 2022

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Speaking Portuguese Project 2022

Do you want to start the year really focused on Portuguese studies?

Participate in the event from January 17th to 21st, 2022 – a week of content, allowing you to start the year learning Portuguese for real!

About the Yes Portuguese creators and teachers:

Adrieli and Ludmila

Co-founders and teachers of Yes Portuguese School, Adrieli and Ludmila are both PhD in Linguistics with an applied emphasis and experience in language teaching. Both have  learned English by themselves using the method they apply to the teaching of Portuguese as foreign language in the Yes Portuguese School. This method is based on real life interactions, which is responsible for making the students of Yes Portuguese School learn Portuguese much faster than those studying with other methods – resulting in greater confidence when speaking with natives.