Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can speak Brazilian Portuguese with confidence!

Understand how so many people from so many different parts of the world
are speaking the real-life Portuguese spoken in Brazil.

👇 Watch the class below and learn 4 important things 👇

𝟭 - Four idioms to use today and surprise your Brazilian friends or family.
𝟮 - The pronunciation of 4 sounds considered super difficult by Portuguese students so you can understand any Brazilian speaking at a normal day-to-day speed.
𝟯 - Two ways native speakers say 2 Portuguese pronouns that you won't learn from a grammar book or a language app.
𝟰 - How to speak real-life Portuguese spoken in Brazil naturally and confidently without having to be in Brazil and even studying alone.

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See some of the Yes Portuguese School students speaking Portuguese

Raluca is from Romania, lives in London, and her boyfriend is Brazilian. In only 5 months of study, she has already started speaking Portuguese and managed to talk to her boyfriend's family, who don't speak English.

Leah is from Ireland. She doesn't have a lot of time to dedicate to learning Portuguese, but with Yes Portuguese School, she manages to make her own study schedule.

Jacob is Australian, with Croatian origin, he is married to a Brazilian woman and has a son. He is learning Portuguese to communicate better with his wife’s family and to help his son in the future to learn Portuguese too.

Unatti is Indian. She came to Brazil for an exchange program, but she was having a hard time communicating with the natives. After starting the Talk to Brazil course at Yes Portuguese School, within 2 months she began communicating confidently with Brazilians.

Petr is from the Czech Republic but lives in Iceland. In just 5 months of studying with our method, he was already speaking Portuguese with great confidence.

Peter is Irish. He started studying Portuguese at our school in 2020, and, in a very short time, he was already speaking Portuguese very naturally, really looking like a Brazilian.

Sybil is French-American and currently lives in the USA. In just 6 months studying at our school, she has already achieved amazing results in her communication in Portuguese.

Saifur is English, he lives in London, and is passionate about Brazilian culture. In a very short time, we could see a lot of progress in his communication in Portuguese.