Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can speak Brazilian Portuguese with confidence!

Understand how so many people from so many different parts of the world are speaking the real-life Portuguese spoken in Brazil.

Watch the class below and
learn 4 important things:


4 idioms to use today and surprise your Brazilian friends or family.


The pronunciation of 4 sounds considered super difficult by students of Portuguese language so you can understand any Brazilian speaking at a normal day-to-day speed.


2 ways native speakers say 2 Portuguese pronouns that you won’t learn from a grammar book or a language app.


How to speak real-life Portuguese spoken in Brazil naturally and confidently without having to be in Brazil and even studying alone.

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What students are saying about our school and our courses:

See some of the Yes Portuguese School
students speaking Portuguese

Raluca is from Romania, lives in Lon don, and her boyfriend is Brazilian. In only 5 mtonths of study, she has already started speaking Portuguese and managed to talk to her boyfriend’s family, who don’t speak English.

Leah is from Ireland. She doesn’t have a lot of time to dedicate to learning Portuguese, but with Yes Portuguese School, she manages to make her own study schedule.

Jacob is Australian, with Croatian origin, he is married to a Brazilian woman and has a son. He is learning Portuguese to communicate better with his wife’s family and to help his son in the future to learn Portuguese too.

Unatti is Indian. She came to Brazil for an exchange program, but she was having a hard time communicating with the natives. After starting the Talk to Brazil course at Yes Portuguese School, within 2 months she began communicating confidently with Brazilians.

Petr is from the Czech Republic but lives in Iceland. In just 5 months of studying with our method, he was already speaking Portuguese with great confidence.

Peter is Irish. He started studying Portuguese at our school in 2020, and, in a very short time, he was already speaking Portuguese very naturally, really looking like a Brazilian.

Sybil is French-American and currently lives in the USA. In just 6 months studying at our school, she has already achieved amazing results in her communication in Portuguese.

Saifur is English, he lives in London, and is passionate about Brazilian culture. In a very short time, we could see a lot of progress in his communication in Portuguese.

What our course offers

video lessons

Written content in
printable PDF files

Audios of conversations to Download


Three times a week, usually on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, our students have a live meeting with one of our Brazilian teachers trained in our method for a group conversation class in Portuguese.

Times and days of the week are sent to students at the beginning of each month, as we are always trying to accommodate different time zones.

What our students say
about group classes:


Our students receive a package of 12 one-on-one lessons to practice Portuguese individually with a trained native Brazilian teacher using our method. In these lessons, the student can ask questions to the teacher, practice specific content, focus on conversation practice, or even ask the teacher to assess their level.

What our students say
about the individual lessons:

Yeppers Community:

A community of friends learning Portuguese together. Yeppers have an exclusive WhatsApp group where they can chat about any topic, exchange experiences, share their learnings, and as a result, they end up making friendships.

We have students who have met in person and have become close friends. We also have become very close with them, and for that reason, we say that Yes Portuguese School is actually a family.

A provenly

Here you start from scratch and achieve fluency in Portuguese, understanding native speakers from Brazil the way they speak in real life, and communicating confidently with anyone from Brazil.

A method based in exposure and
execution of simple tasks

The Bicycle method will offer you the necessary exposure to the language (even being an online course) and it will provide tasks for you to execute in order to start speaking Portuguese from the first lesson. In a short time, you will be talking to your Brazilian partner, friends, family, work colleagues, and to all Brazilians that are waiting to meet you here in Brazil.

The pillars of The Bicycle Method

1. Exposure

To learn to speak any language, you need to expose yourself to it. So, to learn to speak Portuguese, you need to expose yourself to natural conversations in Portuguese. This is how your ear gets used to the sounds, the way the language is spoken by the natives, the expressions they use, the vocabulary, the grammar of the language in real contexts of use.

2. Execution

Following a natural logic, however, we not only need to expose ourselves to audios and real conversations in the foreign language that we are learning, but we also need to perform some actions that helped us to develop our speech. This is where the second part of our method, which we call execution, comes in.

Applying the method - The steps

With the Bicycle Method, you will always work with some audio of native speakers. And every time you work with a new text – a dialogue, a video, a movie or TV show scene, a podcast episode -, you will apply the following steps.

Step 1: Immersion

Listen to the dialogue without reading it. (At least 3 times, but as many times as you need it).

Step 2: Unveiling

Listen and read (silently) to the dialogue.

Step 3: Acting

Listen again, pausing to read the sentences out loud.

Step 4: Mirroring

Listen again, and repeat the sentences out loud at the same time, like an overlay.

Step 5: Digging

Take notes of the sentences you have more trouble with pronunciation and understanding.

Step 6: Cataloging

Select at least 10 sentences and add them to your deck on ANKI.

Step 7: Retaining

Revise your sentences daily using ANKI

Step 8: Living Experiment

Execute or simulate interactive tasks based on real life situations.

Leveling up

We name our levels after the titles you can get in the sport by winning championships. Studying a foreign language is a competition, although we are often competing with ourselves. But every word learned, every new phrase, is a victory. That’s why you deserve the title of champion, two-time champion, tri, tetra or five-time champion (like Brazil at the FIFA World Cup).

Starter · A1


You know simple words and phrases. You may not yet be able to keep up with conversations in the language.

Basic · A2


You know simple words and phrases. You may not yet be able to keep up with conversations in the language.

Conversational · B1 & B2


Indicates that you can carry on a conversation, although not fluently. You may still express uncertainty in your choice.

Proficient · C1 & C2


Indicates a high level of comfort with the use of a language in spoken or written form but isn’t yet at the level of a native speaker. Proficient speakers are more comfortable with a language than conversational speakers.



Indicates a high level of comfort using the language and can converse in the same manner as a native speaker.

Who are Adrieli
and Ludmila

Teacher Adrieli (or Dri for Yeppers) is married to Otávio who is also a member of Yes Portuguese School team. They have one daughter, Emma, who is 2 years old. They live in Carangola, in the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. Teacher Ludmila (or Lud for Yeppers) is married to Victor who is also part of our big family. They live in Juiz de Fora, also in the state of Minas Gerais, in Brazil. Teachers Dri and Lud are Brazilians and they both have a PhD degree in Linguistics. They met at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora, when they were taking their master's degree. After that, they did a lot of researches together, including their PhDs. They also did part of their PhDs in Sweden and it was during that time that they came with the idea of creating Yes Portuguese School. Dri and Lud then applied their scientific background and their own experience as language teachers and language students to develop the X2Talking Method, which is the most effective way to learn a foreign language.

Not our words...

“I’ve tried other courses
in the past, trust when I
say, the method of teaching here is so much better in
so many ways”

Watch the video

“It’s not giving you too
much information that
overload your mind, but
yet it’s not giving you too
little that you get bored.”

Watch the video

She was not a beginner in Portuguese, but she learned things from the first class of the course that had never been taught to her.

Watch the video

“I’ve tried several other online language tools, but nothing has accelerated my knowledge and use of Portuguese like my enrollment in this course”

Watch the video

“The course allows you to learn Portuguese at your own pace and it is still challenging.”

FAQ - Common questions

How many levels does this course cover?

The Talk to Brazil full program is a complete online program that goes from basic to advanced level, and helps you to get to fluency in a fast and efficient way if you follow our methodology and orientations.

What variety of Portuguese is covered by the Talk to Brazil program?

We are Brazilians, therefore we teach Brazilian Portuguese. But even if you want to learn European Portuguese our course will help you, since it’s the same language.

How do I access the course?

The course has its own platform, and as soon as your enrollment is confirmed, you will receive the login to access the course. You will be able to start studying immediately.

You can access the course on your computer, cell phone or tablet. It also has an app that allows you to watch the lessons offline, if you are unable

Do I have access to all the 24 modules at once?

No. Immediately, you will have access to the first 3 modules of the course. After 15 days, you will receive access to everything.

What is the best workflow to do the course?

Since each module has 14 lessons, and 2 weeks have 14 days, we suggest you do one lesson per day, so 1 module every 2 weeks. So you won’t feel very tired or under pressure. And if you miss a day, you won’t feel so bad, because you still will be able to catch up without becoming overwhelmed. But of course, if you need to rush, you can do more lessons per day.

When will I finish the course?

If you follow our suggestion above, you will be able to finish the course in one year. But you have 2 years of granted access, so if you need more time, you have it. And if you need to rush, you can finish earlier, in 6 or even in 3 months, you just have to watch more lessons per day.

Can I cancel at any time?

Not at any time. You can cancel during the first 15 days. After confirming your enrollment, you will have 15 days of guarantee. During these 15 first days you can cancel at any time and you will have your money back. But after that, you won’t be able to cancel anymore.

How do I pay for this course?

You can pay everything at once in a single payment or you can choose a payment plan, in which you can pay it in 4 installments which will be charged monthly on your credit card.

You can pay by Credit Card. We announce the price in dollars, but in the moment of the payment, the price will be shown in your own currency.

Is the platform hard to use?

No! It’s pretty simple and user friendly. You will connect on the login page and it will take you directly to the course page, where you will see all the classes available in a menu and the main screen with the class you are currently watching.

Am I too old to learn Portuguese?

Never! Learning a language is not just for children or teenagers. It is for everyone! Especially with our method! Believe in yourself and start right now! We have students at every age and everyone is learning a lot because they believe they can!

Will the course make me fluent in Portuguese?

No! The course itself doesn’t have this power. What we promise here is the right tools that will take you to fluency, but to get there you need to be persistent and consistent and follow the method.

Can I study on my phone or on my tablet?

Of course! You can study on any device (on your computer, tablet or cellphone). This makes you able to study from wherever you are. You can study on the bus, heading home after work, on a trip on vacation, or at home. All you need is an internet connection.

I don’t have much time, how will I follow the course?

If you don’t have much time, this course is for you. You are the one that will organize your schedule, you decide when is the best moment for you to watch the classes and do the exercises. Our mission here is to deliver the best material and content for you and organize your path, the time is up to you. And we will be around if you need support, but never to pressure you.

I like to have colleagues to share my learning process. Will I feel alone?

Not at all. Besides having our support, at Yes Portuguese you will be added to a community of Portuguese learners: the yeppers! If you want to, you will be able to communicate with them, share thoughts, exchange advice and even make friends!

How will the teachers know if I'm evolving since it's an online course?

Our students have one-on-one classes with us and group classes. This way we can check their pronunciation, oral compréhension and other skills. Also, we can check your progress in the course platform to see where you are in the course.

I'm not a beginner. Is this course also for me?

Sure. Because of our approach, the course will be useful for you from the very first class. As we intend to show the real Portuguese spoken in the Brazilian streets, from the beginning you will learn new information about the language pronunciation, expressions, i.e., the language really spoken here, not an artificial text from a grammar book.

Hundreds of people from various parts of the world are communicating in Portuguese. You can too.