Are You Afraid Of Being Happy?

Everyone’s quick answer to this question is NO!


But more than your words, what really reveals how you feel about this question is your own actions.


I could see that with my own eyes during all this time running the Yes Portuguese School.


I could see people chasing happiness in the way they believe happiness is. People from all over the world, all continents.

I could figure out they see happiness in a particular one way: being together


Are you together with someone during these tough times we are going through?


Someone to hold you tight. A person who is the best one you’ve ever had.


You may be a single or a married one. A young student, a hard working housewife or a mature person in their 40’s.


But the truth is: every single person in this whole world is looking forward to something they still don’t have.

And there’s just one thing that hold us back from going crazy in this world: people like us

A loved one is the reason why we fight battles, erase the bite marks and still loves despite feeling broken. 


A loved one is that one we lend a hand trying to be decent. The reason we don’t let this world turn us cold. 


And even if our being fade with time, loved ones will make sure our soul will never die.

Even when life is all shit, they remember us we don’t have to be. 


So I decided to gave the opportunity for everyone who wants to join us to speak Portuguese to be around their loved ones.


What is your reason to learn Portuguese?


I bet whatever it is, it’s related with love.

Love for a family member or love for yourself and your plans. 


Love for your girlfriend, wife, husband or their family. 


Love for Brazilians friends and the good feeling about being in Brazil.


Love for the job you want to get speaking Portuguese. 


In the end, love for all you love.

Our reason to teach you Portuguese is connect families, friends and loved ones.

Does it make sense to you?


Family is literally with us every single moment. 


They are in our bloodstream. They are always part of who we are.


And if we care for them we are also caring ourselves.


And there’s no other greatest way to care for each other than communicating better.

I honestly want to give you my personal help with that. 


I honestly want to tell you that you can count on me and connect with your loved ones speaking Portuguese. 


I honestly want to help you as I did with Peter, our “Yepper”.


“Yepper” is how we kindly call our students. Because we always call our loved ones by the best they are.

Peter always love to say “tudo de boa na lagoa”, a really common funny rhyming greeting in Portuguese.


Peter says that he fell in love with her girlfriend first and then with Brazilian songs.


Here’s Peter and me in our Live Instagram Cultural Class last Tuesday:

Can you see in which way Peter looked for happiness?


He looked for happiness to connect with someone he loves.

What else could make us feel better than music, family and friends?

Last Tuesday Peter showed us that nothing could be better. He could perfectly sing live with me on Instagram because he mastered Portuguese. 


All because love pushes us into unknown places and makes us stronger than we are.


As well as I have helped Peter to talk perfectly in Portuguese, I also had the pleasure to gave my personal support to Charles.

Charles is a 64-year-old man who figured out that common people can easily get into our Portuguese learning method, have fun and still turn particular reasons to learn Portuguese into a family’s spirit, a shareable feeling among every person you will meet in our community.


Today Charles is a proud American who can talk in Portuguese with anyone:

How do you believe Charles had looked for happiness?


He taught himself that age is a false belief when it comes to be an excuse.

He also taught himself that time is like a chain: you can choose to be always locked in it or be free. 

Charles understood time is a decision: we all have the key to it. But sometimes we just forget about it.

Charles left his mark: nor age nor time matter if you want to do it. Take the right guidance and you can do anything.


I don’t want to forget another great example of self-love as good as Charles’ one.

Marcos wanted to practice Jiu Jitsu with his Brazilian teacher and decided to learn Portuguese to get nothing but the best from his instructor.


Marcos is known among our students as the most dedicated pupil we have. 


And that’s true. He definitely is:

I bet you can see how Marcos looked for happiness.


He’s performing his journey wearing the shield we don’t know we have until we need it.


Life is tough for all of us. And to fight this battle we alI have to be good warriors.


Marcos did a good fight. He’s a great warrior in his outer world and his inner world.

I would be impolite to not share with you Peter’s story.


Peter wanted to strengthen his family ties with his girlfriend’s family.


Besides that, he also is longing to understand his Brazilian friends’ jokes.


Peter is an Irish with a heart big enough to welcome any person he decides deserves love:

Peter is looking for happiness through the most precious things we have on earth: family and friends.


We can only see jewelry and diamonds in a crude stone when we’re wearing lenses. Our lenses to see love live insides ourselves.


Peter has found his lenses.

I truly know your goals. That’s why you are here for so long!


And as well as I have helped Peter, Marcos, Charles and Peter the Irish I’m pretty sure I can help you. 


I can help you with my guidance and personal support.

I can help you with a method that have made 230 students around the world turn into Portuguese speakers. 


Indeed, I truly believe I can help you to find happiness the way you believe she is. 


And in order to help you in the best way I can, I have prepared a special place for you who are reading my words here.

I’ll grant you a secret access to our Portuguese community before everyone else!

This Sunday, March 21, 2021, you’ll receive a private and exclusive invitation to join us to Yes Portuguese School.


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After all, my concern is that the most interested and dedicated people join us to the Yes Portuguese School. 


If you join me to the secret group you’re telling me you want my personal support. And I promise you I won’t let you down!


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